Terms & Conditions

Exclusively Dubai, LLC is an intermediary for various independent suppliers that provide travel, accommodations, meals, transportation, excursions, golf, and other goods and services connected to your tour. These independent suppliers are unrelated and have no connection with Exclusively Dubai, LLC.

By completing the Booking Form and submitting the required deposit to Exclusively Dubai you are entering into a contract with Exclusively Dubai, and you accept and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions, which form the basis of the contract between you and Exclusively Dubai.

Deposits and Payments

Deposit of 50% of the entire party’s total cost of the tour is required at the time of booking to guarantee your reservation. We will utilize the deposit to pay for your airline ticket and other fees. Deposits are non-refundable. Full and final payment is due 90 days prior to tour departure. If you are booking within 90 days of departure, full payment is required at the time of booking. We accept payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Upon receipt, we will issue a Confirmation Invoice. If any discrepancy or error exists on the Confirmation Invoice, you agree to contact Exclusively Dubai in writing immediately.

The price of your travel arrangements can vary due to changes in exchange rates, availability and transportation costs such as fuel surcharges and landing taxes. Any price that Exclusively Dubai quotes is subject to change without notice until full payment is made.


Once your deposit is received a reservation confirmation is made and final payment is due 90 days prior to departure. If you wish to cancel your tour, you must submit your request to us in writing. All deposits are non-refundable. Refunds of final payment will be honored as follows:

  • between 61-90 days of scheduled tour departure: 50% refund
  • between 46-60 days of scheduled tour departure: 25% refund
  • 45 days or less prior to scheduled tour departure: No refund

Penalties and fees imposed by our suppliers may be additional and, if imposed, will be deducted from the above refunds, if any. A change of trip date will be treated as a cancellation and cancellation fees may apply.


Should you wish to make changes to your tour or alter any of your arrangements, Exclusively Dubai will attempt to assist you; however, it may not be possible. Change requests must be made in writing and signed by the signatory on the Booking Form. If it is possible to make changes, Exclusively Dubai reserves the right to charge a fee of $300 in addition to any other charges incurred by the company to change your arrangements. Please note, no changes to your reservations may be made forty-five (45) days or less prior to scheduled tour departure. Additionally, reservations cannot be transferred.

Go with the Pro Package Terms and Conditions

Deposits, Payments and Cancellations: Full payment is due at time of booking a Go with the Pros tour. Go with the Pros packages are 100% nonrefundable and non-changeable once paid for in full. All other Exclusively Dubai Terms and Conditions apply. Go with the Pros tour schedule and activities are subject to change due to availability.

Airline Reservations and Ticketing

On tours that include air, airfare will be roundtrip Business Class airfare on Emirates from the following US Gateways to Dubai: IAD, JFK, LAX, SFO, SEA, DFW, HOU. Flights are subject to availability and all costs associated with travel to and from your departure city to the Gateway are not included. Airline tickets once issued are 100% non-refundable.

Airfare is subject to change and availability and is nonrefundable. Your airline ticket constitutes a contract between you and the airline (not Exclusively Dubai), even if purchased through Exclusively Dubai. Exclusively Dubai is not responsible for any airline schedule or airfare changes, cancellations, overbooking or damage or loss of baggage and property. Any and all claims for any loss or injury suffered on any airline must be made directly with the airline involved. For this reason we strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Airline regulations require that passenger names on tickets and dates of birth must match the passport of each traveler. Therefore, you must provide us with each traveler’s name and date of birth exactly as they appear on the passport.

Operational decisions may be taken by air carriers and airports resulting in delays, diversions or rescheduling. Exclusively Dubai has no control over such decisions, and is therefore unable to accept responsibility for them. Where, as a result of circumstances beyond our control we are obliged to change or end your tour after departure, but before the end of your tour, we will not pay compensation or reimburse you for expenses incurred.

We strongly recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance for your tour and should claim via your insurance company for any loss or damage to luggage and/or personal possessions. In the event that any claim is made directly with us, our liability to pay compensation and/or the amount of compensation will be limited in accordance as described above.

Visas and Passports

Passports must be valid for six months following date of entry into all countries. It is your sole responsibility to secure a valid passport with sufficient blank pages for immigration and visa stamps, and obtain any necessary visas.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is strongly recommended for you and all members of your party prior to tour departure. Travel insurance should be comprehensive and include trip delay, trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage insurance, health, accident, emergency evacuation, and adequate for your needs. Your policy shall provide coverage for personal injury, death, medical, and repatriation costs together with coverage for loss of baggage and valuables, personal liability, delay, cancellation, curtailment, missed departure, and legal expenses.

Special Requests

Special requests (i.e. dietary, room requests, adjoining rooms, particular flight seats, etc.) that are important factors in your tour must be indicated at the time of booking. Exclusively Dubai will do the best to accommodate your request. However, Exclusively Dubai cannot guarantee that any specific request will be satisfied. Special requests do not constitute a term of the contract unless confirmed in the Confirmation Invoice.

United Arab Emirates

You are on notice that there are constant development, building, and construction projects ongoing in the United Arab Emirates including, but not limited to, the Emirate of Dubai. While we will do everything to minimize the effects on your tour, neither Exclusively Dubai nor its suppliers are liable for any loss or effect due to development or construction projects.

Hotel’s in United Arab Emirates typically allow for a check-in time of 1400 and check out time at 1200 on the day of departure. Should you require a guaranteed early check-in, the room must be booked from the previous night and paid at 100%. Early check in and late checkout requests are subject to availability and Exclusively Dubai cannot guarantee an early check in or late check out. It is also the practice for hotels to request a credit card guarantee or deposit at check-in. The deposit is refundable at the time of check-out, however, if something is consumed from the mini bar or restaurant, the cost will be deducted from the deposit.

Please note that the holy month of Ramadan, and other important dates on the Islamic calendar, may affect your Tour. Indeed, during Ramadan, certain hotel operations will be affected such as the non-serving / limited serving of alcohol and restrictions on food service during daylight hours.

A more conservative dress code should be adhered to during the month of Ramadan, especially when traveling outside of the hotels and resorts. Items such as strapless tops and sleeveless dresses should not be worn in public places. Likewise full length trousers and short sleeve shirts should be worn rather than shorts and vest style tops. Eating and drinking in public places before sunset should also be avoided but exceptions are permitted for small children and expecting mothers.

In Dubai alcohol will only be served in the evening (after sunset) at a bar or restaurant and the bar or restaurant will be screened off from the rest of the hotel. Likewise food service during the day will also be screened off from the general public areas of the hotel. In general food and snacks served from a pool bar will be permitted and an indoor restaurant will be available inside the hotel building.

The Emirates of Ajman, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi may not have alcohol available at all during Ramadan and if alcohol is served at the hotels, there will be only 1 bar offering a limited service during the evening and it will be screened off from public view. Details are subject to confirmation from the local government authorities. No alcohol is served at all times in the Emirate of Sharjah - even outside of Ramadan.

There is also no live entertainment such as night clubs, live bands and concerts allowed during Ramadan. Only piped 'traditional' music will be heard at the hotels. The leisure facilities of the resorts remain unaffected, as water sports, swimming pools, tennis courts etc remain open as normal. The children's clubs at available resorts will also operate as normal procedures.

Ramadan restrictions vary from area to area with greater restrictions being found outside of Dubai and not all hotels have the same restrictions in place in regards the service of alcohol and food. The above information should be treated as a guide only.

Tour & Excursion Cancellation and No Show Policy

It is your responsibility to attend or show for any planned round of golf, activity or excursion that is booked through Exclusively Dubai or its supplier and any no shows for any round of golf, tour activity or excursion will not be refunded.

Locally Contracted Excursions

Please note that when you book an excursion locally you contract with the local company providing that excursion and not Exclusively Dubai. Exclusively Dubai has no legal liability for such an excursion and any claim which you might have arising out of the excursion will be subject to the local company's terms and conditions.

Golf Handicaps

Golf clubs in the United Arab Emirates have maximum handicap restrictions on visitors (28 or less for men, 36 or less for ladies) and some require visitors to produce their cards at check-in. Therefore, it is your responsibility to hold an official handicap card and produce it upon request. Exclusively Dubai accepts no responsibility if you are denied golfing privileges. Exclusively Dubai is also not responsible for playing conditions, course maintenance, weather conditions, delays, or cancellations.

Accuracy of Information

We check the information which we provide about our tours. However, tours, excursions, or golf activities may change as a result of local conditions and may cause those activities to be altered, delayed, or cancelled.

Cancellation by Exclusively Dubai

We reserve the right to cancel your tour for any reason including, but not limited to, reasons of force majeure or failure to pay any outstanding balance due to Exclusively Dubai within ninety (90) days of departure. If you fail to make full and final payment within ninety (90) days of departure, Exclusively Dubai will consider your booking cancelled and will return paid funds pursuant to the above cancellation policy. If Exclusively Dubai is forced to cancel your tour in any other circumstances before departure, Exclusively Dubai will use its best endeavors to offer alternative arrangements of equivalent or very closely similar standard and price, if available or will give you a full refund of all monies paid. Exclusively Dubai will not be liable for any loss of any kind as a result of any cancellation.

Changes by Exclusively Dubai

Exclusively Dubai reserves the right to make changes at any time and for any reason including changes to the price. After a Confirmation Invoice has been issued, Exclusively Dubai makes every effort to operate all tours as advertised. We plan arrangements a long time in advance of your tour using independent suppliers such as airlines, hotels, local transport operators and guides, over whom we have no direct control. In very rare circumstances, Exclusively Dubai may have to modify a tour before you depart. Most of these changes are minor. However, if we consider them a material change we will notify you as soon as reasonably practicable. Exclusively Dubai shall not be liable for any loss of any kind as a result of any changes.

Cancellations Due to a Force Majeure Event

Force majeure means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond Exclusively Dubai’s control or the control of our suppliers, the consequence of which neither Exclusively Dubai nor its suppliers could avoid even with all due care, including, but not limited to, war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial dispute, unavoidable technical problems with transport, machinery or equipment, power failure, changes imposed by rescheduling or cancellation of flights by an airline, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, drought, adverse weather conditions, epidemics or outbreaks of illness and level of water in rivers. In the event of a force majeure event, Exclusively Dubai will not be liable to you for any personal injury, death, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity.

Responsibilities of Exclusively Dubai

Exclusively Dubai, its employees, shareholders, officers, directors, successors, agents, and assigns, neither own nor operate any person or entity which is to, or does, provide goods or services for these tours. Because Exclusively Dubai does not maintain control over the personnel, equipment, or operations of these suppliers, Exclusively Dubai assumes no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, death, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of (1) any wrongful, negligent, willful, or unauthorized acts or omissions on the part of any of the tour suppliers, or other employees or agents, (2) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment, instrument owned, operated or otherwise by any of these suppliers, or (3) any wrongful, willful, or negligent act or omission on any part of any other party not under the supervision or control of Exclusively Dubai.

You also agree that Exclusively Dubai assumes no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act by any independent supplier, or any other person or entity. Additionally, the independent supplier may have their own terms and conditions that govern your use.

Your sole and exclusive remedy for any default against Exclusively Dubai shall be the maximum amount of money paid and received by Exclusively Dubai for the Tour. To the extent permitted by law, Exclusively Dubai shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, moral, or other damages arising out of these Terms and Conditions, including lost profits, whether such damages arise in contract, negligence, tort, or in equity. Nothing in this paragraph shall be considered to exclude or limit any liability of Exclusively Dubai for death or personal injury caused by Exclusively Dubai’s negligence.

Our suppliers (such as accommodation or transport providers) have their own booking conditions or conditions of carriage, and these conditions are binding between you and the supplier. Some of these conditions may limit or remove the relevant transport provider's or other supplier's liability to you.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for checking your e-mail from time to time as all documentation will be sent electronically. Generally, this information is sent approximately two-weeks prior to departure. Therefore, please supply a valid email address at time of booking.

Approximately 14 days before departure you will receive travel documentation information concerning your tour. Please ensure that you check the names and flight timings on your tickets carefully and contact us immediately if you have any queries. The correct timings, using the 24 hour clock system, may have been adjusted since you received your Confirmation Invoice.

You are responsible for checking-in for flights at the correct time and for presenting yourself to take up all pre-booked components of your tour. Exclusively Dubai cannot accept responsibility for clients missing flights as a result of late check-ins, and no credit or refunds will be given if you fail to attend or show up late for any part of your tour. No credit or refunds will be given for lost, mislaid or destroyed travel documents. If due to weather, flight schedules or other uncontrollable factors, you are required to spend additional night(s) you will be responsible for your own hotel, transfers and meal costs.

Illness and Disability

Our tours involve moderate physical activity and as such, good physical and mental health is essential for the enjoyment and safety of our tours. By signing these Terms, you certify that you do not have any physical or other condition that would create a hazard for you or other Participants or affect other people’s enjoyment of the tour.

Additionally, you are advised before booking any desert camp activity that the desert camps used for the Dune Dinner are located amongst the sand dunes and are not suited to wheelchair bound passengers.

California Customers

Pursuant to California law, if you reside in California at the time of payment, the following disclosures are being made. Please take notice that you are entering into an agreement with Exclusively Dubai, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company. Exclusively Dubai is located in Phoenix, Arizona 85020 and can be reached at 602-717-8725. Pursuant to California law, your Confirmation Invoice shall contain any amount paid by you, the date of any future payment, the purpose of payment, and an itemized statement of the balance due if any.

Upon cancellation of the transportation or travel services, where the passenger is not at fault and has not canceled in violation of any terms and conditions previously clearly and conspicuously disclosed and agreed to by the passenger, all sums paid to Exclusively Dubai for services not provided will be promptly paid to the passenger, unless the passenger advises Exclusively Dubai in writing,, after cancellations. This provision does not apply where Exclusively Dubai has remitted the payment to another registered wholesale seller of travel or a carrier, without obtaining a refund, and where the wholesaler or provider defaults in providing the agreed-upon transportation or service. In this situation Exclusively Dubai must provide the passenger with a written statement accompanied by bank records establishing the disbursement of the payment, and if disbursed to a wholesale seller of travel, proof of current registration of that wholesaler.

Please take notice that Exclusively Dubai is not a participant in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. California law requires certain sellers of travel to have a trust account or bond. Exclusively Dubai has a trust account.

Images & Marketing

You agree that we may use images, photos, or videos worldwide that you send to us or that are taken by a member in your Tour, for any purpose including, but not limited to, promotion and publicity for free of charge and without your prior permission.

Governing Law

This contract and any matters arising from it are governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, United States of America. Jurisdiction and venue are proper in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes, arising out of, or relating to this Agreement or breach thereof, must first be submitted to non-binding mediation. Mediation may be joined with any person if the mediation involves common questions of law.

If a resolution fails to be achieved in non-binding mediation (in whole or in part), any remaining disputes relating to the interpretation or performances of this Agreement shall be resolved at the request of either party through binding arbitration.


The failure of either party to enforce any right reserved to it in this Agreement shall not be a waiver of any such right to which the party is entitled.

Privacy Policy

Please see our online privacy policy.


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