Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

The 9th hole at Dubai Creek

The 9th hole at Dubai Creek - Photo Courtesy of David Cannon

Dubai Creek Course

The Dubai Creek par 71 course that measures 6,967 yards is a memorable journey from the first tee to the 18th green. The presence of multiple tees ensures that golfers of every ability will enjoy their day out at the course. While length off the tee helps, the premium is certainly on accuracy, especially with the approach shots as most of the greens are multi-tiered with subtle borrows. The superbly manicured fairways are undulating, demarcated by mounds, date and palm trees, and most other times by water. Apart from the creek, which comes into play on at least four holes, several artificial lakes add to the beauty and difficulty of various other holes.

Dubai Creek Par 3 Course

Golf does not end at sunset at Dubai Creek as the feature packed Par 3 course, a well-equipped driving range and the club's outstanding practice facilities are all floodlit to allow play late into the night. Redesigned in 2004, the 9-hole Par-3 course at Dubai Creek Golf Academy is ideal for beginners to test their skills before taking on the championship course, for the more experienced players to improve their short game, and even for just an enjoyable round of social golf after sunset. The Par 3 course is floodlit and open from 7am- 10pm every day.

Dubai Creek Golf Course

Hole 1 438 yards Par 4

Not an easy start! A long and straight drive is required if you wish to have a clear view of the green with your second shot. A sandy waste on the right and two bunkers on the left make the opening tee shot quite a test. The green is well protected too, with sand left and right, and the undulating green demands accurate club selection if you hope to have a realistic chance for a birdie.

Hole 2 412 yards Par 4

And you thought the opening tee shot was tough? From the back tee this is possibly the most difficult tee shot on the course, with only a relatively small area of fairway to aim at from the tee. Water is 'everywhere' left, however two sand traps down the right side are an incentive not to play too safe. If you have found the rolling fairway, then the second shot must be struck solidly to cross the lake that has swept in from the left side. You have to be positive here to get through this hole with your scorecard unscathed!

Hole 3 333 yards Par 4

The overhead drawing of this hole makes it look relatively straight forward, with the yardage belying its difficulty. No water to deal with, but some deep bunkers down the left side of the fairway and again around the green ensure that only well struck shots will be rewarded. If you do miss the green with your approach, be prepared for a testing chip/pitch as the putting surface falls away drastically at the back and sides.

Hole 4 562 yards Par 5

The only par 5 on the front nine should offer a good birdie chance for the longer hitters. However if the prevailing wind is blowing with any strength, then this hole will be no push-over. Favor the left side of the fairway to ensure you avoid the bunkers down the right side, but take care with your second and third shots here as this hole features a very narrow green and a huge bunker down the left side that will devour any slight mis-hits.

Hole 5 181yards Par 3

The first of the par 3's and it is a beauty. Not overly long, but dependent on the pin location, a par may be hard to achieve. The Creek lurks ominously at the back of the green, but don’t be fooled - to reach the putting surface you must take enough club to carry the large sand trap eating into the front left of the green. Have a close look at the pin location here, because if you hit your ball to the wrong part of the green, you will do well to take only two putts!

Hole 6 407 yards Par 4

Dubai Creek 6th hole

The feature hole on the front nine. The gents medal and regular play tees are located on a 'floating' tee, some ten meters out into the Creek. You really do feel isolated out there as you prepare to strike your ball back on to the mainland. Look out too for the three level water feature down the left side, which will usually have to be crossed with the approach shot unless you are playing conservatively. A gorgeous hole that requires a confident mind and relaxed swing.

Hole 7 475 yards Par 4

The longest par 4 on the golf course. The prevailing wind should be helping but, if not, it will require two mighty hits to reach the green in regulation figures from the back tees. A gentle dog-leg, those that can draw the ball right to left will have the advantage here. Water is lurking down the left for a mishit second shot, however it is not really in play and sand is likely to be the result for most loose approaches.

Hole 8 213 yards Par 3

The longest par 3 on the course from the back tees. A huge expanse of water protects the green and the pin location should dictate your strategy. Only the bravest player will be trying to get close if the fag is in the back left portion of the green. Middle of the putting surface is a good play here. Try to make your par and move on!

Hole 9 426 yards Par 4

Dubai Creek Hole 9 at night

No water here, but the ninth is a favorite for many golfers. It should not play overly long, but a well positioned tee shot is critical. A soft fade down the left will avoid the bunkers down the right side and give you a clear view for the slightly uphill approach shot. The green has two levels and if you put your ball in the wrong area of the putting surface, your first putt will be a real challenge. Accurate club selection on this hole is a must.

Hole 10 552 yards Par 5

Dubai Creek hole 10 facing course

The longer hitter may try to get home in two shots here if the wind is favorable and they and the left center of the fairway with their tee shot. There is water all the way down the right side of this hole and plenty of sand too around the front of the green. Most will try to lay up with their second shot to leave amid to short iron approach. A strong par 5 this one.

Hole 11 387 yards Par 4

Two fairly deep bunkers placed strategically on the left side of the fairway at driving distance, make this left to right dog-leg a hole that should favor a left to right ball flight from the tee. An ‘island’ of trees located in the sandy waste area short and right of the green will make the approach from the sandy waste area very difficult, so try to keep your tee shot as far left as possible. Be careful around the green too, as there are some sharp run-o" areas and an imaginative short game may be needed if you miss the green.

Hole 12 453 yards Par 4

A very long and testing hole. There is no water, not much sand, but 453 yards of relatively straight golf hole to be covered and we still have it graded as stroke index one. There is a slight incline up to the putting surface, so take enough club with your approach shot. You will need two well struck shots here to make a regulation par.

Hole 13 544 yards Par 5

Arguably the favorite par 5 on the course for members. A well struck tee shot will get over the rise in the fairway and reward you with potentially another 30 to 40 yards of roll. From there the decision is whether to have a go at the green. What is not apparent from the fairway is that the green is an island only accessible from a walk-bridge positioned on the left side of the green. Laying up may be a better option for those who are comfortable with their wedges, but no doubt many of the longer hitters will be tempted. This is a great example of risk and reward, and this is what makes it such a great hole.

Hole 14 176 yards Par 3

A tricky par 3. Water lurks at the front and right side, so any sort of tail on your ball flight is likely to result in a watery grave. This hole is usually played into the wind, so make sure you have enough club in your hand before you play. A bail-out left is likely to and one of three small, but relatively deep bunkers. A potential ‘disaster hole’ that will ruin many scorecards.

Hole 15 435 yards Par 4

A fairly gentle hole this one, that moves softly from left to right. No water and only a little sand to contend with but nevertheless it requires concentration and respect to get your par here, with the undulating green offering many different challenges. Keep your drive down the left side to ensure a clear view of the green and a level stance for your approach.

Hole 16 198 yards Par 3

The last of the par 3's. A very undulating green awaits at the end of this hole, which is usually played in a cross-wind. Most players come up short here, so again choose enough club to reach your intended target. If the wind is blowing, aim right and allow for the wind to coax the ball back on target. Again, no water to worry about so commit to your shot!

Hole 17 354 yards Par 4

Dubai Creek 17th hole

This is arguably the start of the finest two consecutive finishing holes in the region. The 17th is not overly long, but the salty Creek is only a few feet of the fairway on the left side and there is no real space to play safe to with the driver up the right side. For the big hitters, a long iron towards the bunker on the right is a sensible play. From there, a mid to short iron will be required to and the slightly elevated green, but don’t pull your approach left as a large bunker awaits and beyond that the watery doom of the Creek. A beautiful hole.

Hole 18 421 yards Par 4

When the wind is blowing, this is probably the hardest hole on the course. From the tee you have the Creek on the left, a large water hazard on the right and bunkers to contend with. If you manage to and the fairway with your tee-shot, you then have to carry another expanse of water with your second if you are to and the green in two shots. A wonderful final hole that will always guarantee an exciting finish to your round.