About Dubai

Dubai Inlet at Night

"Dubai's stunning architecture symbolizes its recent growth."

To see is to believe – and nowhere is that more evident than in the city of Dubai.

Dubai's reputation has been built on the speed and drama of its development as a sophisticated, metropolitan destination, but it goes much deeper than that. In typical Arabic fashion, Dubai has gained an even greater reputation for its warmth and friendliness.

Dubai's modern infrastructure and economic model have made it the cultural and business hub of the Middle East. Many international companies and global brands have chosen Dubai for their regional headquarters. As a result, English is widely-spoken, and the city offers luxurious hotels, fashionable nightlife and dining, and a shopper's paradise.

Dubai Street

Yet, the rich traditions and historic charm of old Dubai can still be found along the bustling creek, at the spice and gold souks, and amid the wind tower residences on the winding streets of the Bastikaya Quarter. And with its beautiful beaches, dramatic desert, world class sports events, and festivals there is something for every traveler to experience.

Culturally mature, Dubai abounds with people of virtually every nationality in a vibrant atmosphere that rubs off on everyone and offers even the most seasoned traveler a unique insight into the Arab way of life.